Window Cleaning Tools

Introduction to window cleaning tools

Cleaning windows can be a daunting task when lacking the appropriate window cleaning tools. Streaks, superficial cleaning, or stubborn deposits are the main problems associated with window cleaning. In order to prevent them from happening, you need quality tools which are highly superior to any newspaper crumble or cloth that you might have used in the past. Lint, newspaper debris and streaks will forever be forgotten when using the right substitutes.

Window Cleaning Tools

The proper window cleaning tools

Scrubbers are some of the main window cleaning tools needed to achieve crystal clear windows. Quality scrubbers will remove the unwanted dirt stubbornly sticking to the glass surface, without affecting the window. Using cheap scrubbers is not an option if you plan to absorb water without having it dripping all over the floor and the window. Plus by using a low quality scrubber you submit yourself to the risk of scratching the glass surface since some scrubbers are not mild enough to leave the shine of the glass untouched.

Types of scrubbers

There are on one hand scrubbers made out of different fabrics, such as wool, fleece or microfibers. Used with a circular or curving motion, these scrubbers are intended to loosen the dirt and transfer it onto the fabric of the tool. Good scrubbers, such as those made out of microfiber can really get the job done flawlessly, doing most of the part of your cleaning agents, and even replacing them completely. This is due to the fact that microfibers are incredibly finer than the human hair, reaching those microscopic gaps and ditches on the window surface, removing the dirt and leaving the window looking clear and smooth. Innovative scrubbers have rough pads to detach stubborn dirt, while the soft fabric is gently absorbing and degreasing the residue from the window.

If you plan on using a rag/cloth, choose lint free fabrics good at absorbing water. If you can't find such cloths, use regular, commercial scrubbers like the ones described above. Other kinds of scrubbers are those made of synthetic hairs, known as porcupine scrubbers. Now, these window cleaning tools are excellent for providing the proper abrasive force to really get your window rid of any sticky reside on the glass. If you fear of leaving scratch marks on your windows, use a natural sponge instead. This will collect the dirt and protect the glass altogether.


Squeegees are tools required to wipe the glass surface of any residue left from the cleaning agent, as well as additional dirt deposits or any other kind of debris. High quality squeegees have replaceable rubber blades that will save you the money of buying a whole new tool. It is best to replace the rubber blades every few months to maintain the efficiency of the squeegee.

Whatever window cleaning tools you decide to use, do take into consideration purchasing tools with rotating handles. These will help you clean areas which are harder to reach, improving the coverage of your cleaning motions.