Window Cleaning Made Easy

Windows are our portal to the world. Our windows allow us to see the world outside, the changing of the seasons, beautiful sunsets and moon-lit nights. Constructed simply with glass surrounded by frames made of many different materials, windows allow sunlight into our homes and when opened, fresh air with a soft and gentle fragrance. Windows are our guardians protecting us from outside influences, inclement weather conditions and intruders. We feel safe, secure and comfortable while admiring their beauty and overall simplicity of construction while maintaining constant vigilance twenty four hours a day.

Window Cleaning Made Easy


There is no specific way to clean windows. Each individual has her or his own way and interpretation of how to clean a window of which there may be slight alterations from time to time. Windows need to be cleaned at a minimum twice a year, usually in the spring and the autumn. This cleaning removes all built up grime and debris that has accumulated since the last cleaning and keeps both the glass panes and surrounding framing members in good condition. A mild cleaning solution either purchased at a local home improvement store or a solution passed down from generations can be used to effectively clean windows. Windows should be thoroughly rinsed with water before cleaning begins to prevent scratching of the glass. Never use a harsh or abrasive solution while cleaning windows regardless of how much debris has accumulated on the window glass.

Window Cleaning Tools

There are many window cleaning tools available at local home improvement and hardware stores across the UK. Each tool is designed for a special purpose while cleaning windows. The most common and frequently used tool is the squeegee. This tool is T-shaped in design with a soft rubber blade that glides across the glass removing any access water. There is also a means to attach a long handle for hard to reach windows above ground level or windows that would normally require the climbing of a ladder. This cleverly designed tool speeds up the window cleaning process with rapid and non-repetitive motions. Reasonably priced, the squeegee is a tool that should be part of any homeowner's window cleaning accessories.

Practices and Procedures

There is no easy way to clean windows, nor are there windows that will clean themselves, at least not at this time. Consumers must adapt their own individual style and method that works best for them and their particular home or business. Basic window cleaning is simple work but does require manual dexterity and at times the use of ladders. Consider the hiring of a window cleaning specialist for windows that are above ground level, especially windows on second and third floors if applicable. Services can be purchased on a one-time cleaning fee or per contract on a yearly basis.

Quality Time

Children cleaning windows should always be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. Teaching children to wash windows can be both educational, enjoyable and time well spent together.