How Do I Get Sparkling Windows

Glass is probably one of the most unique and beneficial inventions ever invented by man. We often take things for granted on a daily basis, even simple things such as glass which we rely on daily. Without glass our homes and businesses could not provide us with cool air during the long hot summer months or warmth in the long and never-ending winter months. Glass offers protection from spring rains, keeping us dry while providing protection for our families from outside elements that are beyond our control. Glass, although beneficial to mankind in many ways, is often ignored and does not receive the proper care and cleaning that is required.

How Do I Get Sparkling Windows

Glass Cleaners

There are currently many glass cleaners available today each offering the consumer choices that meet a particular need. From residential, everyday glass cleaners that are designed to clean kitchen countertops with ease, to stronger cleaners designed for commercial cleaning, there is no end to the selection that is available. Glass cleaners are often competitively priced with the most common and over advertised cleaners receiving the majority of the consumers' attention. It is up to the individual consumer to select a cleaner that best fits their budget and particular usage.

Tools of the Trade

Cleaning glass certainly does not require a college degree or years of experience. Professional glass cleaners use the same tools, methods and principles to clean glass as a homeowner but possess additional especially designed and engineered equipment to clean glass at great heights. Hand tools, or often referred to a "squeegees" are used to clean glass by these professionals, with very few repetitive motions and have a smooth soft rubber edge which prevents damage to glass surfaces. These same tools are available to the general public at most local home improvement stores.

Diamond Sparkle

To make glass sparkle with brilliance there are a few basic steps that must be taken in order to achieve this radiant sheen. The glass surface must be thoroughly washed and all dirt and grime removed. With the application of water and a mild cleaning solution, the surface should be wiped with slight pressure using a soft bristle brush or soft, preferably cotton, cloth. Dry the clean surface with a chamois, a soft and rubbery, material that is available at all auto parts stores, which absorbs the remaining water and will not scratch the surface. Once the remaining water has been removed, apply a thin coat of automobile wax, non-abrasive, and let dry. A thin haze will indicate that the wax has dried. Wipe the auto wax with a soft cloth until all haze is removed. Not only is your glass clean, but a brilliant shine now appears as well as an added protective coating that will keep your glass cleaner for longer periods of time without additional cleaning needed. Summer rains will not only remove the built-up dirt and grime on your glass but will keep your windows streak free leaving a brilliant sparkle.