How Do I Clean Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are more than just windows; they are unique and beautifully designed works of art. Stained glass windows date back well over one-hundred years and have been reported to exist even prior to then. These magnificent sculptured representations of the past adorn some of the most prestigious institutions of learning, places of worship and architectural structures throughout the UK, each piece telling a story that is both breath-taking in colour and presentation. Many painstaking years were spent in the creation of some of the most beautiful windows in the UK, masterpieces that are irreplaceable today.

How Do I Clean Stained Glass Windows

Care and Cleaning

Due to the unusual design and configuration of stained glass windows, extreme caution should be taken while attempting to clean glass that has taken many years to create. Stained glass windows are normally large, arched shaped and a considerable distance above ground level. Great care should be taken in an individuals' attempt to clean this glass. Possible severe and permanent injury can result to those individuals, from falls off equipment, ladders or scaffolding while cleaning. Catastrophic and permanent damage may result from ladders or other cleaning equipment striking the exterior or interior of the stained glass surfaces resulting in permanent damage. It is advisable to consult with specialists and those professionals that have years of experience in cleaning stained glass windows before any such work is scheduled to begin.

Periodic Maintenance

Stained glass windows do not require maintenance on a frequent basis. Cleaning of the windows twice per year is adequate. Rinsing of the windows with warm or cold water with a garden hose with ample pressure to reach all areas is adequate. If needed, always use a soft bristle brush to remove any debris that is not easily removed with water. Under no circumstances should hi-pressure portable window washers be used to clean these windows. Power washers, those powered by either gasoline or electric motors are capable of producing water pressures in excess of one thousand pounds per square inch (p.s.i), depending on the model of the unit, resulting in possible breakage of the windows, damage to window frames and surrounding materials.

Other Considerations

Stained glass windows continue to exist today. However, due to the expense involved in the creation of a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, replicas are made that closely resemble the original window at a fraction of the cost. Although difficult to distinguish the difference from a distance, closer observation reveals an un-canny resemblance to the original but obvious differences in design and style. Most stained glass windows are viewed from great distances and are never seen or thoroughly viewed from a distance less than four feet.

Marvel at the Miracle

Stained glass windows are remarkable works of art, miracles created with numerous pieces of coloured glass, designed and shaped to create a story for all to share, to admire, to awe in wonder. Preservation of these dynamic art pieces must be maintained to share, to experience, for all generations yet to come.