How do I Clean Double Glazing

Over time windows have been dramatically improved not only in appearance and design but in overall efficiency. Single pane glass windows had little or no insulating qualities and were often poorly constructed with wood that often decayed in a short period of time. The windows of today are designed to repel heat during the hot summer months and maintain interior warmth during the long and often brutal winter months. Stringent restrictions are placed on window manufacturers' today in order to produce quality windows that meet all guidelines set forth by government agencies.

How do I Clean Double Glazing

Styles of Windows

There are numerous sizes and styles of windows currently produced, including double glazed, with each being designed to meet a specific need. From double-hung, casement to bow and bay windows the choices to the public are endless. Replacement windows that are constructed to fit into an existing window opening are an excellent and inexpensive way to replace that old and draughty window. It is recommended to seek a qualified, experienced and licensed contractor to replace these windows. The energy saved will return the cost for installation for many years to come.

Double Glazed

Double glazed windows were invented in the 1930's. Double glazing consists of two layers of glass, one inner, one outer with a void or space in between. This space is then filled with a gas, often referred to as argon gas, which is forced into the space between the inner and outer panes of glass during the manufacturing process and permanently sealed. This creates an "R" value of the window, depending on the density and thickness of the panes and glass as well as the amount of argon gas applied to the void. The window with a high "R" value or rating of the window will have increased insulating capabilities but unfortunately increased cost per window unit as well.

Cleaning of Double Glazed Glass

The associated cleaning of double glazed glass requires no extra effort than a standard window unit. Double glazed glass panes interior and exterior are permanently sealed into the frame of the window at the time of manufacturing. The space between the panes of glass does not require cleaning over the life of the unit as outside air and debris is unable to penetrate the inner sides of the glass panes. Cleaning of a double glazed window is accomplished by merely cleaning the exterior and interior glass much like a standard window.

Best Results

Always consult the manufacturers' specifications and recommendations before cleaning a double glazed window. Failure to follow the proper instructions may result in damage to the glass or supporting frame members. Never use a harsh and abrasive chemical to clean a double glazed glass window. These chemicals will induce a chemical reaction referred to as "etching" which appears as a hazy or cloudy film on glass and is permanent. Prolonged use of harsh chemicals on glass surfaces will increase etching resulting in permanent damage and the need to replace the entire window unit.