How Do I Clean a Velux Window

Introduction to Velux Windows

In 1942 Mr.Villium Kann Rasmussen, a Danish engineer and inventor had a vision: to bring fresh air into a home without opening the standard window which often left dirt, debris and an occasional flying intruder in as well. The name Velux, although no clear definition of the word exists, was derived from Mr. Rasmussens' first name of which eventually became the name of his company and one of the largest producers' of a particular type and style of window in the world. After years of trials, errors and research the first Velux window was manufactured with less than desirable results.

How Do I Clean a Velux Window

Uses for Velux Windows

Velux windows are installed on roofs of homes and commercial businesses and are commonly referred to as "skylights". These engineered windows bring in additional light and fresh air where there are no other means, such as the middle units of town houses or an apartment complex, providing lighting to areas in the home that are normally dark or dreary. In the construction of new homes, Velux windows are chosen over other leading brands and continue to be the top-selling, roof mounted window throughout the UK.


All Velux windows are manufactured to exact, precise specifications. Each window receives a series of rigorous testing to ensure quality and performance. Optional features of a Velux window include manual or remote controlled operation of the sash, the framed member with the glass complete with screen, or a fixed, non-operational sash. Each window comes with an unconditional guarantee and is backed by a very generous warranty. Glass panels of a Velux window are triple pane safety glass to prevent breakage during severe weather from falling trees or other uncontrolled conditions.


The installation of a Velux window should not be attempted by inexperienced individuals. The installation process involves cutting a hole in the roof of a home or place of business and should be performed by a licensed, insured contractor with many years of experience. Improper installation of roof mounted windows may allow water penetration and additional interior damage. The cutting of structural roof members (rafters) by inexperienced home and business owners may result in potential roof collapse and possible severe, permanent injuries.

Velux windows are typically installed on roofs with steep pitches to capture as much light as possible, increasing the danger factor substantially. The installation process also requires that a hole be cut into the ceiling of the home or place of business to allow the light to penetrate the interior of the room. A shaft is then finished with drywall, or a choice of materials, from the interior ceiling to the roof of the home spreading the additional light where needed.


Roof mounted Velux windows do not require frequent cleaning. Placement of this window, normally in the centre of the roof, keeps the glass clear of all foreign matter. Should cleaning be required, it is wise to contact a window cleaning specialist that possesses the skills, equipment and knowledge.