Best Window Cleaning Cloths

The first windows, invented in the mid to late 1800's, were of simple construction with single pane glass that had little or no insulating qualities. These windows, often referred to as "barn windows" are rarely seen today. Although available today, these widows of yesteryears are used in the construction of exterior storage sheds or a child's playhouse because of their inexpensive cost. In generations passed, windows were cleaned only by rain storms not by manufactured cleaners that were purchased on a continual basis. Water was the main source, readily available in the cleaning of windows in this era, in combination with a coarse, abrasive brush, usually made of hair from horse tails, which scratched the thin layer of glass on a repeated basis.

Best Window Cleaning Cloths

Soft and Absorbent

It has been reported that the Egyptians invented cotton in 400BC, although there is limited information published to substantiate this claim. Cotton is a soft absorbent material commonly used in the production of clothing due to its comfort, light weight and ability to repel heat in the summer and maintain body heat during the winter months. One of cotton's deeming qualities is the overall softness of the fabric and its anti-scratching composition making it an ideal cloth to clean surfaces that must remain scratch-free; an ideal material to clean glass.

Multiple Uses

The soft composition of a cotton cloth can be used for multiple purposes. Before the invention of the disposal nappy, cotton was used as the main material in the composition of nappies for infants. With the overall absorbent quality of the disposal nappy, a small cotton membrane is still used in the area that touches the infants' skin. Cotton combined with many other materials comprises the majority of all clothing made today. With the flexibility and combined strength of this material, cotton will continue to be a part of our everyday lives for many years to come.

Worst Case Scenario

With the availability of many items to clean windows, there has yet to be discovered the ideal or perfect cloth or solution that has been proven to out clean or perform all others. The consumer should decide for her or himself which cloth or cleaning solution performs the best. A cloth and cleaning solution that is both economical and performs to the consumers' satisfaction should be used on a continual basis. Without some informative decision by the consumer, additional cloths and cleaning solutions will be purchased that will gather and remain in the garage or under a sink and eventually discarded.

Best Case Scenario

Windows of the future, currently being tested, will require no cleaning for the life of the window. Specifically designed glass will be coated with a thin membrane that will repel water, dirt and grime, leaving a clean surface regardless of weather conditions. These windows will not however be available to the general public for many additional years. Further extensive testing and research is being conducted to produce a product that is affordable, practical and reliable.