Window Cleaning Suppliers

Introduction to Window Cleaning Suppliers

One of the most important types of companies in the window cleaning business is window cleaning equipment suppliers. Without the equipment suppliers, it would not be possible for window cleaning companies to do what they are paid for. In order to achieve the highest level of service, window cleaning equipment suppliers are constantly bringing new and improved equipment to the market, and this equipment helps window cleaning companies to do their job much easier and much more efficiently. The window cleaning business is no different than any other business, so there are a lot of window cleaning suppliers in the UK, and they are all struggling to beat the competition and survive in today's economic circumstances.

Window Cleaning Suppliers

Window cleaning suppliers

In the UK today, there are a lot of window cleaning equipment suppliers. In order to choose a window cleaning equipment supplier it is of great importance to find out what each of the suppliers has to offer as well as compare the differences in prices between the suppliers. Based on this information you will be able to make a good decision. Here are some of the window cleaning equipment suppliers in the UK and their prices:

  • All Clean Group – founded in 1979, this company is located in London and has everything you need for window cleaning from water fed poles and window cleaning cloths to window cleaning liquids and chemicals. It also offers everything you need regarding safety, as well as ladders and gloves. For example, a bare back carbon fibre pole 13.7 metres long that does not have a brush or a hose will cost you £645. A Miracle Window Cleaning Detergent will cost you £9.99.
  • Cleaning Spot – this company located in London has all the equipment you need for window cleaning. A Carbon Impressor pole 13.7 metres long with no accessories attached will cost you £589. A hard water Stain Remover will cost you £10.25.
  • Wintecs – this company has an interesting marketing approach that is based on having the lowest prices there are. However, if you happen to find a lower price on the internet or in a store, you just need to let them know and they will match that price – it is as simple as that. For example, a carbon fibre bare water fed pole with 9 telescopic sections 13.7 metres long will cost you £743.65, and it would be interesting to see their reaction to the fact that their price is the highest among the prices listed here.
  • It is a well known fact that you cannot do any job without the proper tools and equipment. This is why there are so many window cleaning equipment suppliers that offer high quality equipment to their customers, whether they are individuals or window cleaning companies. Anyone who is in a need of assistance with window cleaning can be absolutely certain that they will find anything and everything that this job requires in order to be done quickly, safely and in a way that is the most cost efficient.