Window Cleaning Jobs

Introduction To Window Cleaning Jobs

With employment at an all time low and an increasing down-turn in economic recovery, millions of individuals currently face foreclosures and deductions in government support and assistance. Those employment positions once considered to be beneath our position are now appearing to be more acceptable and attractive than in the past. Employment positions once filled with workers without the proper education or experience are now being considered and accepted by individuals with extensive education and work experience. Positions never before considered- general labouring jobs such as window cleaning, now receive hundreds of applications to fill one position.

Window Cleaning Jobs

Points of Consideration

Window cleaning positions often involve working at great heights. Those individuals or prospective applicants that have a fear or phobia of heights should not consider this position. An inclusive part of any window cleaning job requires training of those individuals that lack the basic experience and knowledge associated with the position. When an application is made to a potential employer, the applicant must seek out those companies that offer training in this field as a condition for employment. Failure to receive the proper training can result in customer property damage, permanent personal injury and even death.

Compensation Requirements

Depending on the company to which an applicant seeks employment, compensation for window cleaning positions varies significantly. More often than not, the starting wage is based on the present allowable minimum wage in effect for a given part the country that the individual resides in. Granted, it may be much less than previous compensation from past employment but if the desire for employment, regardless of the position is desired, one must be willing to accept what is offered at the time. Well respected and known window cleaning companies are proud of their employees and go to great lengths to see that they are gainfully employed for many years.

Willingness to Learn

Your desire to be gainfully employed is primarily based on your immediate needs and that of your family. Conceivably, your new position as a window cleaner may require that you work for another individual with more experience and who frequently is much younger than yourself. Pride has no place when seeking employment with a slumping and depressed economy. Your ability and desire to learn will not only be noticed by the employer but will also increase your chances for further advancement and compensation increases.

Soaring to New Heights

Window cleaning employment positions are a well respected and honoured tradition within all communities. Window cleaners, commercial or residential, offer a valuable service to their customers who rely on their professionalism and quality of work performed. Window cleaning positions have been in existence for generations and will continue to grow and prosper. In a slumping and declining economy, window cleaning positions continue to be one of the most recession proof businesses in existence today. Without the service of these qualified, experienced and dedicated workers we would be faced with the completion of this task at our own expense, possible personal repercussions to property and subsequent personal injury.