Window Cleaning Job Vacancies

Introduction to Window Cleaning Job Vacancies

Being a window cleaner is a dangerous job, which requires training and is something that not everyone can do. Although it might sound easy enough, window cleaning is a hard job and window cleaners are generally underappreciated in the UK and the world. It does not take a college degree to become a window cleaner, and most window cleaners do not have it, but this does not mean that anyone can do the job.

Window Cleaning Job Vacancies

The British Window Cleaning Academy (BWCA)

The British Window Cleaning Academy was founded in 1997, and it gives window cleaners in the UK professional training and accreditation. Today in the UK, there are over 180 000 people in the window cleaning business, and the BWCA is there to train the window cleaners and to take the business to a higher professional level. With modern window cleaning systems, the job of a window cleaner has become more complicated as they are required to use modern techniques such as water fed poles. BWCA training gives window cleaners the opportunity to learn how to do their job in a safe and efficient way, and it also teaches them how to develop the window cleaning business and make it more successful and more profitable.

Window Cleaning as a Job

As it is mentioned above, the job of a window cleaner is never an easy one, and it is paramount that window cleaners know exactly what they are doing, how to use the equipment needed to do the job and how to do their job in the safest way possible. Also, a trained window cleaner will need to do the job in less time and more efficiently than an untrained one. Window cleaning is one of the most hazardous jobs in the UK.

Window cleaners use ether ladders or water fed poles when doing their job, and both of these methods have a certain amount of risk involved. The main hazard of using ladders is that window cleaners run the risk of falling off of them and injuring themselves, or even losing their lives. Although it is not illegal to use ladders in the UK, most window cleaning companies use the water fed pole system. However, using this system has its flaws too. Using water fed poles spills a lot of water, and there is a chance of the window cleaner or anyone else slipping on the water and sustaining an injury.

How much does a window cleaner earn in the UK?

The earnings of a window cleaner depend on his or her abilities, although the majority of window cleaners in the UK are men. This means that a window cleaner will earn more money if he is faster, and he will have more work if he is more efficient and does a better job, resulting in more money earned. Generally, a good window cleaner in the UK can earn at least £200 per week, providing that he is experienced and well trained.

All in all, being a window cleaner today does involve some risks, but every job involves risks and the risks involved in this job are far lower than they used to be.