Window Cleaning Insurance

Introduction To Window Cleaning Insurance

Insurance is a way of life. We insure our automobiles, homes, businesses' and especially our health. When conducting a business that provides a service to the general public, insurance is required and often mandated by the particular area in which the business is conducted. Failure to provide or obtain the appropriate amount of insurance by a business can and often does lead to substantial fines and loss of licenses' if required.

Window Cleaning Insurance

Type of Insurance

In the case of a window cleaning business the amount of coverage required varies depending on the complexity and nature of the business in question. A window cleaning company that only cleans windows on single floor structures or office fronts would not be required to carry the same amount of insurance as a competitor who cleans windows on hi-rise commercial structures. Insurance agents go to great lengths to review companies' requirements for insurance coverage to see that adequate protection is obtained eliminating the possibilities of "over-insuring" or purchasing insurance that is not required.


Insurance in the case of a company offering window cleaning services protects the company from damage to personal or business property. When an accident occurs, the window cleaning company is protected by their insurance company. In turn, the insurance company pays for all damages occurred less a deductible or reduction of the total cost of the damage, which is the window cleaning companies' responsibility. This deductible is part of the insurance coverage and is normally predetermined upon issuance of the insurance policy. Without insurance, the window washing company is responsible for all damages to a particular property at their expense. Many legal battles have ensued over damages to personal property and the lack of a responsible party accepting responsibility for the loss. It is always a wise decision to review insurance policies, paying close attention to coverage and expiration dates, before hiring a company to perform work at your place of business or personal residence.


Proper and adequate research should be conducted before hiring a company or single individual to perform any and all work being considered. Asking appropriate questions and requesting the correct documentation of a company that is being considered for a particular project, does not imply the lack of confidence or competency of a particular company but shows that you are a consumer that is informed, educated and seeking only those companies that are qualified to work at your business or personal residence. Failure to seek out vital and important information places the consumer in the position as a general contractor and is therefore responsible for all activities or accidents that occur at a particular job site. Always check with locals governing your city or place of residence to review the laws and requirements for insurance coverage's before committing to a company offering any service to the general public. This is time well spent which could result in the saving of thousands' of dollars and possible legal issues as well.