Window Cleaning In London

Introduction to Window Cleaning in London

Who hasn't heard about the famous London weather? Add to that the millions of cars and buses driving around the city every day and you get some very dirty windows. The truth is that you're probably never going to have enough time to keep the windows clean yourself – the good part about living in a big city is always being able to find someone to help you. There are a number of cleaning companies in London – some who specialise purely in window cleaning and some who offer general cleaning.

Window Cleaning In London

Companies Specialised in Window Cleaning

For a thorough window cleaning job it is a good idea to hire a company who specialise in window cleaning. Below is a selection of companies in London:

  • Gaze A Glaze - A family run business offering window cleaning services in London and the South East area for commercial, industrial and residential clients. The company's operators all hold level 2 NVQ's in cleaning and support services and the company has Safe Contractor and CHAS qualifications for safety. The company uses the reach and wash method of window cleaning.
  • Window Cleaners London - This company offer window cleaning for both commercial and domestic clients, with the added services of gutter cleaning, conservatory cleaning and patio/ driveway cleaning. The company uses the reach and wash system but also traditional methods at request.
  • Efficient Cleaning Services - This company offer window cleaning services using the reach and wash system but also mobile elevated working platforms, abseiling, traditional ladder access and fall arrest safety harnesses. The company offers regular cleaning programs and static operatives.
  • Clearview Window Cleaners - This company provide window cleaning services in London and the South East for both residential and commercial clients. The company uses abseiling, harnesses, ladders, the reach and wash pole system, hydraulic platforms and cradles as cleaning methods.

General Cleaning Companies

For a more complete cleaning job (not just windows), a company handling more than one cleaning service could be the answer. Here is a selection of general cleaning companies who operate in London:

  • NCPM247 - On top of window cleaning services (using the reach and wash system, the hydrophobic window cleaning method and carbon neutral window cleaning), the company also offers commercial cleaning services, window repair services, conservatory cleaning, patio and drive cleaning and gutter and roof repairs.
  • Cleaner London - This company offer window cleaning services as well as a wide range of other cleaning options including carpet cleaning, office cleaning, steam cleaning and curtain cleaning. For window cleaning services, the company uses traditional methods like ladders and cradles but also water fed poles, mobile platforms, latch way, eyebolt and abseiling. Cleaner London has an ISO certification, Safe Contractor accreditation and is a member of CHAS, ROSPA and the British Safety Council.

Other Sources

You can locate a number of other window cleaning companies in London either by looking in the Yellow Pages, online or by word of mouth. A good reputation is important for a cleaning company to stay in business so it is a good idea to check a company's reputation before hiring them.