Window Cleaning In Glasgow

The chilly Glasgow rains do not help your windows one bit – even if we forget about the increasingly frequent acidic rains. Dust gathered in the atmosphere mixes with water, water pours on your windows and then dries off, leaving the dust. Having a constantly clean window might require some professional help. This is where a window cleaning company may come in useful. There are a number of window cleaning companies in Glasgow – some who offer more general cleaning and some who specialise in windows.

Window Cleaning In Glasgow

Specialised Window Cleaning Companies

A specialised window cleaning company is often the best choice if you want expertise and only need help with cleaning your windows. Below is a selection of specialised window cleaning companies in Glasgow:

  • National Window Cleaning Contractors - The Edinburgh-based company provides window cleaning services all around the UK with offices in Manchester, London, Glasgow and Aberdeen. It has an ISO 9001/2000 quality certificate and is also Safe Contractor accredited, Contractor Plus accredited and a member of the Federation of Window Cleaners. The company uses the reach and wash, abseiling and lifting platforms as their window cleaning methods.
  • Great Scott Window Cleaning - A family run window cleaning company, established in Glasgow, covering mostly commercial clients. The company offers window cleaning services in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. The main methods used are the reach and wash system, the water fed pole method and access platforms. The company handles high level cleaning jobs, including graffiti removal, gutter cleaning, steam cleaning, pressure washing and auto screening.
  • Pure Wash Window Cleaning - A company based in East Kilbride covering central Scotland. The company is I.P.A.F. qualified and use the water fed pole system.

General Cleaning Companies

For more generalised cleaning jobs there are a number of companies in Glasgow who can help you. Below is a selection of companies who operate in Glasgow and incorporate window cleaning in their services:

  • Hartserve Ltd - This company handles industrial cleaning, domestic cleaning, window cleaning, ancillary cleaning and other services like janitorial supplies delivery and washroom facility provision. In the window cleaning department, the company handles both exterior and interior jobs.
  • Brew Contract Cleaning - This company offers cleaning services for not only Glasgow but the UK as a whole. Services include window cleaning, common stair cleaning and gutter cleaning for both commercial and residential clients.
  • Sparkle Cleaning Ltd - This company offers cleaning services in the Scotland area including window cleaning (via access platforms but also the water fed poles system), sparkle cleaning and gutter cleaning.
  • Scotclean Services - Based in Edinburgh, the company offers cleaning services in the central Scotland area, including Glasgow, Fife and the Borders. Scotclean is a COSHH compliant company, handling window cleaning (the reach & wash system), awning and canopy cleaning, carpet cleaning, domestic and commercial cleaning and also high power pressure washing.
  • Premier Facilities - The company is based in Milngavie and offers its services throughout central Scotland. Cleaning services include entrance barrier mats services, driveway restoration and window cleaning. The company follows a ladder-less system and uses pure water in the window cleaning jobs.