Window Cleaning In Birmingham

Introduction to Window Cleaning in Birmingham

As the second largest metropolitan area in the UK and as the "city of a thousand trades", Birmingham was recently named as the third best place in the UK to locate a business. A number of commercial window cleaning companies now operate in Birmingham. The cleaning companies vary and all offer different options and rates with some being more specialised than others.

Window Cleaning In Birmingham

Specialised Window Cleaning Companies

It is said that companies specialising in just one area, do it better than companies handling more general services – due to a better focus and specific training. So, if you're just looking for window cleaning and no extra services in Birmingham, you might look into the following:

  • Roger Needle - Handle industrial, office, commercial and residential window cleaning. Roger Needle is the only window cleaner in the Birmingham area to use heated reach and wash window cleaning. The company uses carbon fibre water fed poles, cleaning up to 6 floors. They have been recently awarded with an IOSH certificate and are members of the Federation of Window Cleaners.
  • Clean-Line - Handle both residential and commercial locations. Clean Line use the water fed pole system.
  • Salter Cleaning Services - Offer window cleaning services using the water fed pole system and cover all types of buildings mainly in the industrial and commercial fields. In 2005 the company's director received a qualification in the NEBOSH examination. The company is accredited in the safe contractor scheme.

General Cleaning Companies

If you have more than one cleaning job and would like to avoid the hassle of hiring more than one company, a general cleaning company might be the one for you. A selection of companies in Birmingham includes:

  • City Cleaning Contracts - A family business that offers office cleaning, commercial window cleaning, floor and carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and executive cleaning. Located primarily in Birmingham but offers services nationwide.
  • Poulton Cleaning Services - A nationwide company located in Birmingham which offers window cleaning, office cleaning, gardening and maintenance and also carpet cleaning. All cleaners are IOSH health and safety trained and the company uses the reach and wash system.
  • BTF Window Cleaning Services - The company is based in the Haleson area but offers services throughout the West Midlands, using the reach and wash system. The services include on top of window washing (both interior and exterior), full gutter cleaning and UPVC product cleaning.
  • Art Cleaning Services - A full service cleaning company offering window and glass cleaning, carpets and upholstery cleaning, hard floor maintenance, high level cleaning and cladding, contract cleaning for industrial and commercial clients plus kitchen or washroom cleaning for clients looking to uphold the health and safety regulations by the book.

Other Sources

Other window cleaning companies are easy to locate by looking through the Yellow Pages, speaking to neighbours or searching the internet. There are a number of window cleaning companies in Birmingham all offering different services. It is important to check the company's reputation and safety standards before hiring.