Window Cleaning Set

Introduction to Window Cleaning Sets

The first thing to do after you've decided against hiring a company to do the window cleaning for you is to acquire a window cleaning set. To do this you need to basically buy all the tools that are necessary to do the job. Just to make sure that you remember what you need whilst cleaning the windows, a little research into a window cleaning set is recommended.

Window Cleaning Set

Before Buying a Window Cleaning Set...

It's very important to evaluate exactly what needs to be done. Obviously the tools will be very different if you need to work on a classical ground floor window than on a harder-to-reach second floor window. It's also important to decide on the method you're going to use.

For high placed windows, there are two realistic approaches – if you don't take the mobile platform option into consideration (which would be rather complicated to put together, not to mention expensive). Option number one is to use a ladder. This is the classical approach and means you get to see the window up close while washing it. This method is efficient as you can see every spot that needs cleaning. However the downside of this particular method is the fact that it is not completely safe. Ladders have to stay on very stable ground, especially if you're going to be high above it, and you always have to make sure the ladder is safe.

Option number two is to use poles. Poles have the advantage of also being able to be used in the case of harder to reach but maybe not so high windows and they are completely safe. The downside is that you are basically washing something that is quite a way from you, which means that whilst the general clean may be good, you might miss some details which you wouldn't if you could see the window up close. If you're going to buy an extendable pole for window cleaning tools, make sure it's just the right size (so make some measurements).

Buying the Tools

Window cleaning tools can easily be found online or in some supermarkets and home improvement stores. Prices vary from place to place so it is important to shop around. Some places may offer a complete window cleaning set but it is recommended to make your own. For a complete window cleaning set you need to buy the following:

  • Window Scrubber
  • Squeegee
  • Pole
  • Scraper
  • Bucket
  • Towels
  • Window cleaning substances
  • Vacuum cleaner

The absolute necessities are window cleaning substances, squeegees or window scrubbers, scrapers and buckets. If you have high level windows or hard-to-reach locations poles or a ladder need to be added to your set. Towels are chamois are needed for drying the windows and lint free towels are the best alternative. A vacuum cleaner is necessary if you have dust around the windows – scrubbing it with a wet squeegee or towel would be much more difficult and would smudge the dust all around, meaning much more extra work.