Window Cleaning Ladders

Introduction to Window Cleaning Ladders

Domestic window cleaning is a job that requires ladder work, and using an extension pole doesn't always successfully replace the use of window cleaning ladders. An accurate exception regards the window cleaning jobs which involve very high buildings and skilled professionals operating with harnesses and working platforms. Other than that, any window within a certain range requires ladder-work as being the only realistic method of getting the window cleaning job done.

Window Cleaning Ladders

Not having an extending water fed pole, or one sufficiently prolonging to that second story window, will force the use of a ladder sooner or later. In order to minimize the risks associated with being up on a ladder, you need to choose the right type out of the vast selection of window cleaning ladders. A proper ladder and manoeuvring will save you a lot of time and energy, therefore picking a certain type is imperative to perform your job successfully and trouble-free.

Types of window cleaning ladders

Ladders especially designed for working at height come in various shapes and sizes. Making the right choice involves a thoughtful evaluation of the quality of the material that is made of, to which is added the correct determination on whether the ladder will hold the cleaner's weight or not. Working with various tools and window cleaning supplies are critical aspects that need to be taken into account in order to successfully determine the overall weight pressing down on the ladder.

Out of the various sizes available when purchasing window cleaning ladders, three are appropriate for window cleaning tasks of different natures. Thus, in the order of size, the first type of ladder is a 16 foot one; this is a light window cleaning ladder that can be yielded with one arm, perfect for windows that require smaller ladders than a 24 foot one. The latter is recommended for single person use, allowing the cleaner to reach second story windows without having the slightest problem. Windows whose heights take you away from your comfort zone require a stronger, bigger ladder that comes in the form of a 28 foot ladder. In comparison with the other window cleaning ladders, this 28 foot ladder is a lot heavier and more difficult to manoeuvre, therefore it is strongly recommended to be handled by two people. Three story high windows are easy to reach by using this last type of ladder.

Window cleaning ladders' accessories

When it comes to using ladders for window cleaning tasks, sometimes the terrain may pose a threat to the cleaner's safety. For this reason, ladder levellers are perfect for ensuring the right balance, decreasing the risks of accidents.

Other accessories that you should consider purchasing are ladder mitts; these are meant for the top areas of your ladder, helping the cleaner maintain a good condition of the wall which would otherwise get scratched due to the ladder's pressuring force against the wall.

Deciding to perform ladder work has to be done while being aware of the working at height risks and regulations. Being such a dangerous activity, it was close to being banned by the 2001 European Directive. Be that as it may, window cleaning remains one of the most dangerous jobs as perceived by the UK inhabitants. Extreme precaution is thus imperative.