Window Cleaning Gear

Introduction to Window Cleaning Gear

Specialists recommend thoroughly cleaning your windows at least twice a year. If you run a company or business it is recommended to clean them even more often. The easiest way to get your windows clean is to hire a company or individual to clean them for you. This however does cost money and if you are living in a ground floor house or apartment it may be more cost effective to clean them yourself. Window cleaning is something that with a bit of practice and effort anyone can do – and even enjoy!

Window Cleaning Gear

What to use?

  • Window scrubbers – Most of them include microfiber sleeves that help you get rid of dirt and dust. The handles are very good for easy access.
  • Squeegees – Available in different sizes, based on the type of window you are washing. You can get 8 inch squeegees, 12 inch squeegees and 18 inch squeegees. A pivoting handle adds value to the squeegee, so it's recommended that you use one.
  • Poles – Are good for areas that are usually very hard to reach – either because they are high up in the air or because they are in corners that are difficult to reach just by hand. Since your purpose is to wash the windows, it's recommended that the pole can fit a squeegee or a window scrubber at the end.
  • Scrapers – Are used in the case of dried-on debris and ice on the window, making sure that they are taken care of and eliminated but the window still remains clean and unscratched.
  • Bucket – Make sure, before buying the bucket, that it the scrubber and the squeegee you have chosen will fit inside it. To make sure that you get it right from the start, it's recommended to buy a bucket that will fit in an 18 inch squeegee, even if the one you have right now is just 8 inch. Also, rectangular-shaped buckets are much more accommodating of window-washing tools compared to round-shaped buckets.
  • Towels – Amazingly enough, towels are not just used to dry up the window after the washing. They are mostly used for getting rid of the spots that were difficult to erase with the squeegee and the excess water. Lint-free towels are especially recommended.
  • Window cleaning substance – Either bought from the store or home-made. In the case of home-made window cleaning substances, use vinegar and ammonia for an efficient result. You can also use dish-washing soap.
  • A vacuum cleaner – Can be useful in the case of dusty windows – vacuuming it instead of washing it spares you a lot of scrubbing effort.

Additional tools (for special situations)

  • For high level jobs – inside or outside – you will need a ladder. Try to get an adjustable ladder so that it can reach the 4 ft inside window but also the 10 ft outside one.
  • Also for high level jobs window cleaning belts are highly recommended – so that you don't have to climb up and down the ladder whenever you have to change the tools you use.
  • Ladder safety aids will help in the case of sloped hillsides and slippery surfaces that make normal ladders unsafe.