Water Poles and Brushes

Introduction to Water Poles and Brushes

The trouble with window cleaning starts when lacking the appropriate tools for the job. Cleaning the outside areas of upstairs windows may seem impossible for some home owners who choose to hire window cleaning professionals as their only resort to get their windows all nice and sparkly. However, relying on professional window cleaning providers is more costly than doing it oneself. Using water poles and brushes is a very ingenious way of reaching tall or high placed windows, and you'll notice that window cleaning crews are using this water fed tools as well. Therefore, before engaging in buying costly services, house owners should consider purchasing water poles and brushes as they are pretty easy to use and do not require difficult resources in order for them to function properly.

Water Poles and Brushes

Water Poles and Brushes – Easy 'How to Use' Guide

Visualising the offer of water poles and brushes presented on window cleaning websites or checking out the type of tools available in stores may raise up some concerns regarding the way in which these 'reach and wash' tools actually work. The way a water fed systems function is extremely easy to grasp, and its efficiency has been proven by many satisfied customers who rely on it during their window cleaning sessions. Using even various types of water poles and brushes is an easy thing to do, and the system installation is just as easy. Since it is easy to get the water fed system running, many water poles and brushes providers are advising customers to perform the installation themselves in order to save the money which would otherwise go in the pockets of their employees.

Water poles are window cleaning tools that can extend to reach up to three stories, made out of poles of aluminium that have a brush at the end. A hose is attached to the pole, shooting jets of water from within the bristles of the brush. Since the water is continuously hitting the glass surface, the hose is fuelled with water from a tank filled with pure water. Calcium and other impurities contained by regular water form streaks on the windows, therefore cleaning glass windows when using water poles and brushes should always be done with pure, distilled and deionised water. If you can't think of any resource for this kind of water, or do not wish to purchase tanks of pure water, you can simply add some water purifying ingredients that will make tap water ready for usage in your next window cleaning session.

Using water poles and brushes may be a tad difficult in the beginning, but exercising with such tools will bring you unexpected results. Simply stroke the surface of the window with the water pole and watch how the stream of water dissolves and removes any debris stuck on the window. All the dirt is then rinsed with additional water jets, leaving the windows crystal clear. And if you ever have problems reaching high places, you can always use the extension feature to cover all the windows in your house.

The Proper Choice of Brushes

It is best to buy the water poles and brushes together, as part of a single window cleaning kit. However, if the brush provided is inefficient, replace it with a new one sold in the same place that you found your window cleaning tools. Hard brushes may scratch the glass, so make sure you choose a softer (not soft) version for brushing off the dirt. Choose brushes with slightly crinkled bristles as straight ones do not have the same abrasive power.

Last, but not least is the size of the brushes which needs to be large enough as to quickly complete the job without using too much water. Tiny brushes will ease some of the weight of the pole, however it will take you a lot longer to finish.