Washer Sleeves

Introduction to Washer Sleeves

Window cleaning t-bars have cleaning pieces attached called washer sleeves. These are dipped into a cleaning solution and are rubbed across the surface of the glass to remove dirt and deposits. Depending on the type of the sleeve, even the most stubborn stains can be successfully removed, leaving the window efficiently prepared for the squeegee state of the cleaning process.

Washer Sleeves

Washer Sleeve Options

There are various washer sleeves available. The difference of materials is what draws them apart. Quality washer sleeves should be suitable for almost any window cleaning condition, as they are able to retain a sufficient amount of water without dripping all over the place. The greatest cleaning action without harming the glass window points to microfiber sleeves which hold an adequate amount of water, without dripping in an inconvenient fashion. Some microfiber sleeves have scrubbing strips which are designed to make things easier for window cleaners who deal with messy looking windows. Microfiber cleaning pads are also thicker and are better stitched than other kinds of washers.

Another type of washer sleeve is made out of 100% cotton or nylon. These represent the basic of washer sleeves. They're cheap, but do not provide excellent results, and their quality is often doubtable. The third main type of washer strips is the porcupine sleeve. This version is the most abrasive, having plastic bits inserted in order to scrub off any resistant dirt off the windows.

Before purchasing washer sleeves, you may want to look for special water retention sleeves which are perfect whenever you need to spend as little time as possible cleaning windows. The latter are so handy that you don't have to go to the bucket as often to absorb more water, cutting your cleaning time almost in half.

If you're unsure about the length, look for those measuring 14 inches. These will provide you with enough material to cover large portions of the windows. Another commonly bought size is the 18 inch washer sleeve that allows you to effectively clean glass surfaces without spending too much time on them.

Washer Sleeve Reminders

Whenever you're thinking of acquiring new washer sleeves, make sure you have the right-shaped and the right-sized bucket in order to dip the head of the t-bar without any difficulties. Round buckets or those that are too small should be avoided as such shapes and sizes will interfere with the manoeuvring of the tool every time you need more water or cleaning substance.

When the sleeves get dirty, they need to be replaced with new ones or, if you'd like to save some money, you could clean them up in the washing machine as most cleaning pads are washable. If the sleeves are looking too worn out, you need to visit your local hardware shop and buy some more. Most bulk purchases have discounts; hence you may want to buy more than one. Washer sleeves get degraded pretty fast; a few more are recommended when you perform window cleaning several times a month.