Introduction to T-Bars

When cleaning up your glass windows, there are several options available. Choosing one over the other will lead to different results in terms of effort, quality and time consumption. One of the simplest window cleaning methods involves the use of a sponge, cloth or other soft, absorbent materials, and basic hand work. In order to make the most out your efforts, it's better to handle a t-bar, instead of directly holding a cleaning cloth and scrubbing all over the glass surfaces. Window cleaning T-bars are, as the name suggests, tools in the shape of the letter T that are used along with a sponge or a cleaning pad to apply the cleaning solution onto the windows, and scrub the dirt off.

T Bars

Main Types of T-bars

When looking for t-bars, you'll notice two main types which are sold in home maintenance stores, on certain websites and even, at petrol stations. In order to choose one, you need to take into consideration your preferences, budget and the situation requiring the use of a t-bar. Thus, there are t-bars made entirely out of plastic, and t-bars which have a plastic head and a plastic handle, but with the bar made out of aluminium. In case you're wondering about other differences besides what they're made of, learn that some of these washing wands, as they are often called, can retain more or less water depending on the type. The 'all plastic' tool holds a lot more water than the one with aluminium parts due to multiple grooves on the bar that allow water to get caught in them.

Washing Sleeves

T-bars are, obviously, not used alone, but together with washing sleeves meant to absorb liquid and clean surfaces in an effective way. There are tools that are sold along with washing sleeves, but a trip to the shops will reveal other options, as some brands sell t-bars and washing sleeves separately. However, purchasing individual pieces is not recommended due to inefficient matches between the two of them. T-bars coming together with washing sleeves are improved in terms of proportions and matching, giving you a better result than buying them separately. Doing so will lead to additional purchases and more costs as some washing sleeves may not attach correctly to your washing tool.

T-bars are strong, durable tools that don't brake easily. However, the sleeves do wear out and get messy, so you need to change them every now and then.

T-bars: Tips of Usage

  • If you're not used to window cleaning, you may want to add more water to the windows, so you'd have more time to use the squeegee before drying up. Failing to do so will get you streaked windows as the water dripping down the window leaves marks visible after the window has dried up.
  • Regarding the tool's size, look for 6 inch T-bars for smaller windows, and at least 18 inch for large or tall windows.
  • Before purchasing a T-bar, make sure your bucket has a rectangular shape and is large enough to fit the tool without splashing water everywhere.