Introduction to Window Cleaning Squeegees

Window cleaning squeegees are a special kind of tool that uses a flat rubber blade to remove liquid from the glass surfaces. The squeegee's blades are made out of a smooth rubber, and need to be replaced at quite regularly as they wear out after a number of uses.


Squeegees can remove both water and window cleaning solutions from the glass window. When used with soapy cleaning agents, this commonly used tools slides down on the lubricated surfaces, breaking up debris and removing the liquid as it goes. After drawing the residue liquid off the glass surface, windows are left perfectly clean. In case of any trace of liquid left on the window, home owners can easily wipe it off with a natural, dry sponge, a paper towel or a soft, but well absorbent cloth.

Squeegee Purchasing Options

If you're planning on cleaning your windows anytime soon, here are some tips on choosing the right squeegee for you. One of the major factors that needs to be taken into account before making a purchase is the size of the squeegee, that is, the better it fits the window, the better it is to complete your job without putting lots of effort in it. Also, you need to look for squeegees that have pivoting handles attached, as these are ideal for reaching into every corner, as well as for use with round shaped windows or any other special shape that constitutes a challenge for your squeegee manoeuvring abilities.

Getting back to the size issue, you should know that having a squeegee at least half the size of your windows is more than adequate to get the job nicely done. Using very small squeegees compared with the size of your windows is an often mistake; it involves too much effort and time, and worse, it leads to unpleasant looking streaks.

Regarding the blade of the squeegee, a balance must be sought between firmness and flexibility. A sturdy, firm, blade may be too much, but with added flexibility, it is more than efficient whenever you rely on it to get optimal results.

If you notice a difference between how the edges of the blade look compared to when you bought the squeegee, it means you need to turn them over. But if the side of the blade shows signs of wearing off, then you should add new blades to your future shopping list. Consider ordering rubber blades in bulk if you're concerned about the costs involved. There are various types of squeegees available on the market. Depending on the nature of the job, you can find washing squeegees, or other ones used for drying, detailing or vacuuming.

Using a Squeegee

In order to use this window cleaning tool correctly, you need to know the kind of hand motions that needs to be done according to the size of the window. Horizontal strokes are required when washing large windows, while vertical ones are better for small, tall or high up placed windows. Don't forget to wipe the rubber edge after every stroke unless you want streaks whitening your windows.