Extension Poles

Introduction to Extension Poles

Doing window cleaning often requires the use of a ladder, and while downstairs window washing is perceived as an easy job, requiring the use of a chair or a one step ladder at the most, cleaning the other windows in the house is not as easy. This is when an extension pole comes in handy.

Extension Poles

Why Use Extension Poles

Climbing on ladders all the time in order to maintain a clean look for your windows is not only dangerous but incredibly inconvenient. Doing window cleaning while being high off the ground can easily lead to regrettable accidents, not to mention the fact that it is time consuming and nerve wrecking to be forced to move the ladder all the time to reach every window and clean every corner. With this in mind, it is not surprising that many house owners hire window cleaning professionals, relying on their services to get the job done, a job that could have been easily completed by themselves.

Hiring a window cleaning crew is more expensive and more demanding than cleaning windows yourself. For this purpose, many home owners purchase extension poles in order to eliminate the climbing part of the window cleaning routine, thus getting rid of the nuisance and danger attached to doing ladder work. Buying an extension pole can help you save money, money that you would otherwise spend on paying for a service that may not always meet your specific needs.

The Advantage of Using Extension Poles

Extension poles are some very useful tools that help you reach all areas of high upstairs windows, allowing you to clean first floor windows, and even second floor windows and a tad higher. Their flexibility and simplicity of use makes them ideal to clean every glass surface of the house, sparing you the impediment of going out the window, struggling to reach lateral sides, or the difficulty of dealing with window cleaning professionals.

Extension Pole Options

Extension poles are made in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes, suitable for multiple purposes. Hence, these common window cleaning tools are available in telescopic or extending form, and can have a cleaning pad, washer sleeve or a squeegee at the end, depending on what you need the tool for. There is also a particular kind of extension poles, whose popularity is continuously growing amongst window cleaners. Deionised water fed poles are perfect for leaving your windows crystal clear, without the need to use commercial cleaning substances, instead just pure, distilled water. Water fed poles work with regular tap water as well, but will leave streaks on the glass windows due to the usual impurities contained by it.

Extension poles can be easily found at any hardware store, varying in price from incredibly cheap ones to more expensive and more professional looking ones. Purchasing an extension pole is the easiest way to clean your windows with a cleaning pad or a squeegee. Attach them to the extension pole and there you have it! A quick and effortless way of getting those high up windows cleaned in no time.