Abseil Kits

Introduction to Abseil Kits

Window cleaning is one of the most dangerous jobs in the UK today, so it is paramount that window cleaners are well trained and that they have the proper equipment in order to do the job in a way that is both of high quality and the safest possible. Many window cleaning jobs cannot be done by water fed poles or by using ladders because the surfaces which should be cleaned are often difficult to access or too high from the ground. This is why there are abseil kits.

Abseil Kits

What are Abseil Kits?

An abseil kit is all the equipment a window cleaner needs to safely and successfully do a job that is asked of him. Many window cleaning companies use abseil kits when the surfaces which need to be cleaned are far too high, and there is no way to reach them from the ground, or by using a ladder. In cases like these, window cleaners use abseil kits which help them safely clean difficult to reach surfaces by using different kinds of safety equipment.

The main pieces of equipment included in an abseil kit are:

  • The harness – made from extra strong materials and strapped on the body, in order to maintain balance and stability whilst in the air.
  • The lanyard – a rope which is attached to the harness with strong karabiners, and is used to lower the window cleaner wearing the harness to a certain height.
  • Karabiners – a strong ring made from metal with a spring clip that is used to attach the lanyard to the harness, and is designed to be extra strong.
  • The Unger lasso – A small rope which is used to tie up all the tools a window cleaner needs to his belt – this lets the window cleaner have more freedom in using his arms and prevents the tools from falling to the ground and potentially causing injuries.

All the materials used for making these pieces of equipment are tested for strength and are shock absorbing, which means that it absorbs the energy from any sudden movements that can happen, such as a sudden change of height, thus protecting the window cleaner from unwanted injuries. It is very important that all the equipment is confirmed by health and safety regulations, because this equipment is used for preventing people from falling from great heights and any equipment which has this kind of usage must be tested and reliable.

Using Abseil Kits

In order to avoid any accidental injuries, window cleaning companies should always buy tested, new abseil kits of the highest quality. Buying a used abseil kit is never a good idea and it is highly recommended that it never be done. Also, it is of great importance that a window cleaner is trained and skilled in using abseil kits, because untrained window cleaners could easily lose their lives when using these pieces of equipment improperly. Abseil kits are used on great heights and have enormous risks of injuries and life hazards.