Window Cleaning Business Valuation

Introduction to Window Cleaning Business Valuations

When contemplating stating a new window cleaning business there are many areas of concern that should be fully researched. As with any new business venture, there are risks involved and financial obligations that need to be fully analysed with great scrutiny. Although staring a new business is exciting, with anticipated expectations of growth, wealth and prosperity, over fifty-percent of new businesses fail within the first year due to lack of inadequate planning and strong financial management.

Window Cleaning Business Valuation

Business Plan

Starting a new window cleaning business requires in depth planning and a strong business plan. When seeking financial advice and start-up capital from a local lending institution, a carefully organized business plan is required that includes a mission statement. A mission statement is a brief one or two paragraph outline or scope of the business which will provide the lender in-depth intentions of the business and how the business will benefit the general public. Without a strong business plan in place, financial assistance is often rejected.


Competition in business is prevalent regardless of the business size or nature. Competition is what can make a business successful or a failure. A window cleaning business offering similar services should be thoroughly reviewed to gain an understanding of their practices and procedures which may be used or altered to fit your overall business plan. Experienced window cleaning business owners pay close attention to their competitors advertising and the introduction of new services that attract immediate response from the general public. Vigilance to similar businesses is always advised.


Starting any window cleaning business requires some area of experience. Lacking experience particularly in occupations that require education and proficient skills is a must. Without the required experience a new business will struggle until a reputation for providing excellent services and customer service can be established. Experienced individuals or partners, those that have knowledge of and have performed window cleaning services in the past should be considered to establish a good working relationship with potential customers.

Overall Valuation

Confidence in your ability and the desire to succeed in business are honourable attributes but merely feelings of grandeur. Starting a new window cleaning business requires forethought and the ability to forecast future trends in the operation of a stable and profitable business. Gathered detailed information in all areas of business must be analyzed thoroughly as decisions made without numerous consultations with experts will certainly lead to eventual failure. Current valuation of your window cleaning business versus all other related information will aid in making an educated and informed final decision. All reputable window cleaning companies, especially those that have been in business for years and have been passed down from generation to generation were started with the same principle and faced with the same inevitable questions. Very few businesses are overnight sensations or immediately accepted by the public. Growing a business requires many years of dedication while working under extreme pressures and everyday business operations. Planned thought and deliberation will eventually lead you to your ultimate goals.