Water Fed Window Cleaning

Introduction To Water Fed Window Cleaning

When cleaning windows, probably the best way to do it is to clean them using water. A lot of window cleaning companies use only water for cleaning windows. It is believed that cleaning windows this way gives the best results. Window cleaning companies are doing everything they can to make this chore a whole lot easier and safer, by using the water fed pole method. The advantage of this method is that water leaves less spotting than window cleaning products and the fact that poles are used in this method makes it much safer, due to not having to use ladders and risk getting injured by falling off of them.

Water Fed Window Cleaning

Water Fed Window Cleaning Companies

The main goal of all window cleaning companies is to make their customers satisfied with the window cleaning services they provide, and in order to do that they are constantly trying to come up with new techniques that will give the optimum results. One of those techniques is water fed window cleaning. Here are some window cleaning companies that use water fed poles:

  • NCPM 247 – this company has highly trained staff members and pays a lot of attention to health and safety. They use the water fed pole system to clean the windows and will give you a free online quote in less than 5 minutes.
  • Infinity Window Cleaning Services – this company provides its customers with quality services and cost effective solutions. Due to using the water fed window cleaning method, this company offers you an environmentally friendly and chemical free service.
  • Revive Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd – founded in 1999, this company offers to give their customers free advice and a demonstration of their equipment. They pride themselves on giving high quality services.

The advantages of using water fed window cleaning systems

Most of the window cleaning companies in the UK use water fed window cleaning systems today, and not without a reason. Water fed window cleaning is the best, the cheapest and the safest way for cleaning windows. One of the most important advantages of water fed window cleaning is the fact that it does not pollute the environment, due to using only water for cleaning, and not different chemicals and window cleaning products that are not environmentally friendly. Another advantage is that water fed window cleaning today can reach heights of up to 20 metres and even more, using newly developed water fed poles that are lighter, easier to manoeuvre and safer than using traditional ladders for reaching high windows and glass surfaces that cannot be reached from the ground. Nowadays, water fed cleaning systems are widespread and used by many people and many companies, in order to save them a lot of money, a lot of energy and a lot of time needed to clean windows on big and hard to reach buildings.

Essentially, the main goal of using water fed window cleaning systems is to get the job done efficiently, using the minimum amount of energy and the minimum amount of effort to achieve the result needed. All this is done in the safest way possible.