Telescopic Window Cleaning

Introduction to Telescopic Window Cleaning

Washing a window is a delicate matter and not just because glass breaks and scratches easily. The truth is that nowadays modern designs are more and more based on windows – starting with sky-scrapers, which are most of the time covered in windows with intricate modern building designs. This looks extremely interesting but it also means that nowadays windows can be placed at heights that make them impossible to be reached from the ground and also in positions that might prove to be quite challenging.

Telescopic Window Cleaning

Obviously this led to the development of the window cleaning business, leading to the appearance of specialised companies but also to instruments that are more and more complicated, that can help one clean their windows no matter how high.

What is a Telescopic Window Cleaner?

The name is very suggestive – like a telescope which brings stars closer to us, the telescopic window cleaner brings the windows closer to us. Not physically, of course, but the instrument makes it so that windows that are out of reach, become reachable.

Telescopic window cleaners are especially useful when washing windows that are large and placed high above the ground. When on a ladder or platform, moving left and right can prove to be not just difficult but also rather dangerous (the unstable equilibrium you find yourself in is something that is recommended to be maintained). This is why, when getting up there, you must make sure that the entire window is within reach so no adventurous moves will be necessary. That's where the telescopic window cleaner comes in.

Why Use It?

Telescopic window cleaners are easy to use. They make window cleaning much safer and can also be more efficient. In the case of windows that are still at a relatively normal distance from the ground, telescopic window cleaners allow you to avoid using a ladder at all – they can go as far as 30 ft up.

On top of saving you a lot of effort and helping you keep your windows squeaky clean, the telescopic window cleaner might help you save money – since it's easy to use and does not require a specialized hands (like climbing a building would). It might mean that for a onetime fee (which is when you buy the cleaner), you get to save the money you would have paid, had you employed someone else to clean your windows. Prices for telescopic window cleaners can vary from £2 to £60, based mainly on length and possible functions.

Since the poles can be removed from the actual squeegees, they can come in different shapes and sizes, which means that with one squeegee you can reach that nearby window on the ground floor, the front window on the first floor but also that hidden little window behind the house in that hard-to-reach spot that you kept trying to get into for years, by simply changing the attached pole. That makes the telescopic window cleaner a very flexible and useful tool – which in turn can make your window cleaning much less of a hassle.