Reach Window Cleaning

Introduction to Reach Window Cleaning

Getting your windows clean is essential for brightening up your home, as well as for improving the overall aspect of your house. However, window cleaning becomes a difficult task when forced to reach those high up places, increasing the risk of getting yourself hurt in the process.

Reach Window Cleaning

Reach window cleaning has never been easier with the following options to optimise your window washing and make it a lot less of a dangerous approach. Whether you're interested in getting better results, or you're simply focused on safety issues, the following tools will help you with easy to reach window cleaning, saving you plenty of time and effort.

Reach window cleaning tools

One of the most common ways to wash the outside areas of your windows is by using extension poles. There are two basic types of extension poles: some are telescoping poles, which can be prolonged up to a certain limit, and some are available in pieces which can be connected to one another in order to reach as far as a second-story window. Extension poles have a sponge at the end, and are usually made out of aluminium. The price difference resides in the quality of the pole material, and the quality of the sponge. Shorter poles may still require a small ladder; however, this is far less dangerous than standing on a step, high above the ground, fully extending your arm while risking losing your balance and falling off the ladder.

No poles required

Another utensil specifically designed to clean the hardly reachable exterior of your windows is based on magnetic force, providing fast and easy cleaning no matter how high your windows are. A magnetic window cleaner washes the inside and outside of the glass surface, both at the same time, cutting the cleaning time in half. This cleaning tool works by having a very strong magnet that connects both sponges, allowing you to focus on one side of the window, while the other side getting washed simultaneously as you move your tool around. It's the safest version of reach window cleaning, with a small disadvantage: quality is a must as cheap magnetic window cleaners may not work properly, hindering your movements and leaving streaks on the glass surface.

The water fed cleaning essential

A slightly unconventional way of cleaning your windows is by using a water fed pole which allows you to reach mid range windows, cleaning them with a stream of water bursting up from a couple of nozzles or more, located in the brush head. The water is carried up through a thin hose that either runs through the centre of the pole, or runs around the exterior of the pole. The disadvantage of this method is that it is more water consuming than other methods, and may provide unsatisfactory results depending on the purity of the water. Since water fed poles work solely with water (the water stream being powerful enough to remove dirt deposits from the glass surface), the usual residue like calcium particles and other impurities can stick to the window glass giving it a milky and streaky appearance. Because of this, people have to use pure, filtrated water, de-ionized and demineralised in order to eliminate the risk of leaving marks on the glass surface.

Reach window cleaning is based on tools that eliminate all the worries regarding the safety aspect of your cleaning. Opting for one method instead of the other should be based on your preferences and budget. There is no perfect way of getting your windows cleaned; however the clear advantage of these tools makes them an effective solution against stained, dirty windows.