Office Window Cleaning

Introduction to Office Window Cleaning

It's all about appearances these days – having the best services on the market is not sufficient on its own. Clients who know you may consistently want your services, but if new clients come to your office and notice an unkempt appearance, they might not be so thrilled to offer you a job. After all, if we can't take care of our own premises, how can we take care of someone else's business?

Office Window Cleaning

Why hire a company to clean your windows?

There are obvious pros and cons to hiring a company. The obvious con is that hiring a company to clean your windows is more expensive than hiring a few people separately. However, time is also money. The time you spend looking for people and then controlling them can be easily spent doing something more constructive, like taking care of your actual business. The fact is that, especially when dealing with clients, your office should be impeccable – and that takes more than hiring people to clean it up, it also involves making sure they actually do it. As a side note, a clean environment is something that also improves the work experience for you and for your colleagues and employees. Good work is always done better in a clean and sanitary office.

When a building has more than two floors, cleaning the windows can be complicated affair. A company that is specialised in cleaning windows has the advantage of having trained employees, who are used to working at great heights and know how to use the instruments that are necessary in these kinds of situations. Another advantage of hiring a company in the field is the fact that they might be more aware than you in regards to the health and safety legislation that is applied in the window-cleaning business. Let's face it – none of us know it all and some things are best left to specialists. They will know the latest tools available, fall protection methods and standards in the industry.

Office window cleaning methods

  • The reach & wash system involves using truck mounted instruments to clean the windows and has the advantage of being safely handled from the ground. It can be applied if the building is less than 6 stories high.
  • Ladders are a rather traditional way to wash the windows – they have lots of disadvantages like not being able to work in certain weather conditions and need an even ground, but they are still used on a frequent basis.
  • Mobile platforms including both truck mounted platforms (lifted from the ground) and lifts (hung from above) are ideal for sky-scrapers and high buildings whose windows cannot be accessed otherwise.
  • Abseiling is the most adventurous type of office window-washing, having the window washer effectively climb on the building, sustained by a rope to wash the windows. This has the advantage of being cost-effective.

Office window cleaning companies in the UK

  • Millards Cleaning Services - London area
  • Efficient Cleaning Services - London and the South-East areas
  • JV Price - London, South-East and Midland areas