High Window Cleaning

Introduction To High Window Cleaning

If people say cleaning cannot be adventurous, they obviously haven't tried cleaning a window on the ninth floor of a building. The inside is obvious – but what about the outside? For small windows, cleaning from the inside might work. But then there are huge glass buildings with large windows that have become fashionable in the last thirty years. They're trendy and lovely and the view is amazing, but when it comes to cleaning them, unless you're a daredevil, your skin may just crawl at the thought of it.

High Window Cleaning

Necessary Tools

The necessary tools for high window cleaning vary on the actual height of the window. If you live on the second floor, a simple ladder will get you to the window level and can be a little safer. For higher levels, you might want to use platforms, they are more efficient and it's hard to find an affordable and safe ladder going higher than the fourth floor.

Extension poles are a must when washing windows high up – for the simple reason that the platform or ladder may not be positioned perfectly for every corner that needs to be washed. Moving platforms to the left or right is much too difficult and time consuming compared to simply attaching the washing instrument to an extension pole. Extension poles are also useful in case you don't have a platform or ladder available and they may even help you wash the window from the inside.

Tips For Washing High Windows

  • If you clean both sides of a window, make the strokes on the outside in a different direction to the inside strokes. Streaking is more easily revealed when stroking the same way inside and out.
  • It's recommended to clean the higher part of the window first – especially if it's further away. Otherwise, the water will drop onto the lower part and will have to be dried again.
  • Before buying any tools make sure you know what type of windows you need to wash, how long the extension pole needs to be, what type of cleaning substance needs to be used and what the circumstances are that the window is facing day-by-day (so that you know exactly what you need to clean).

Don't forget that the window cleaning will be done at a high altitude – do not forget to check the security settings are in order before doing anything. This is especially true when it comes to higher floors as any accident can be fatal. If in doubt hire a company to do the job for you.

Lately automated systems have appeared, taking care of the window cleaning – if you have an entire building to clean windows for, robots might be more expensive but they are more efficient, especially in the long run. There is no risk to your life when using robots since the robot can be safely controlled from the ground. The main difference is however that with the controller far away from the window, small spots may not be easily located and the robot does not have the possibility of doing anything other than what he is told to do – making the cleaning process a little less efficient.