High Rise Window Cleaning

Introduction To High Rise Window Cleaning

The World population continues to grow at an alarming rate. Docile and once small communities have experienced tremendous growth increasing at a faster pace than previously predicted or anticipated by city managers and community leaders. Baron farm land, serene and picturesque with rolling hills and dotted with occasional farm animals, is now covered with multiple rows of office structures and private residences. With this expansion and growth, the need for vacant land, suitable for construction of additional structures once abundant, is now a rare commodity. When suitable land for development is located and acquired, office complexes often referred to as "hi-rises" are constructed both commercial and residential, to efficiently and effectively return a rapid return on funds invested.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Employment Opportunities

New construction, commercial or residential is good for a slumping economy. Growth brings jobs to a community struggling for survival and growth of small businesses catering to the construction and preventative maintenance of these mega structures. Towering structures with reflective panels on the exterior are engineered and designed to reflect heat saving energy consumption and reducing overall operating costs. Companies designed to clean the exterior of office complexes, have seen growth as well. Hi-rise window cleaning companies are now one of the leading employers in large metropolitan areas throughout the UK and countries abroad and are seeking additional employees to off-set the growing demand by consumers.

Special Equipment

Commercial or residential hi-rise window cleaning is dangerous. Even experienced window cleaners with numerous years of experience have lost their lives while working in this profession. Safety receives top priority, especially in this career field, with frequent and mandatory attendance to all safety meetings required by all workers as a condition of employment. Non-attendance at these meetings can be grounds for immediate dismissal.

With especially designed and engineered equipment, commercial or residential hi-rise window cleaners are capable of performing the cleaning of exterior windows and reflective panels at heights never before thought imaginable. Specially designed cables support a platform, with appropriate and approved safety rails, from the roof of a structure which is controlled by a worker on the platform. A cleaning solution, non-harmful to the environment or the employee, is pumped from a large container strategically located on the roof which aids in the cleaning of all surfaces, leaving a streak-free shine.

Employment Requirements

Individuals considering a career as a hi-rise window cleaner must be in good physical condition. Experience is preferred however some companies are willing to train the right applicant. Above all else, a fear of heights or phobias is an obvious deterrent for this career choice. Commercial or residential hi-rise window cleaners are diligent, hard-working and dependable individuals. Although the thought of washing windows appears to be a somewhat tedious and less stringent profession, experienced workers with numerous years in this profession, will contest to the physical strain that is placed on the body regardless of physical conditioning. Hi-rise window cleaners rise above all other professions with grace, courage and an ability that cannot be compared.