Domestic Window Cleaning

Introduction To Domestic Window Cleaning

Homeownership is the life-long dream of most individuals. It is what we strive for, what we work for, what we want to achieve through our efforts of everyday labour. Owning a home is status symbol, a representation to others of our stability in the community and the willingness to take on the responsibilities that are associated with such ownership. Considered to be one of the major investments that an individual will make in his or her lifetime, homeownership is more than making monthly payments but a sense of pride and accomplishment, a place where we can forget about daily frustrations, a place to feel secure and secluded.

Domestic Window Cleaning

Responsibilities of Ownership

Homeownership responsibility comes in many forms. We all strive to keep our homes neat and orderly, both exterior and interior. A clean home reflects the image of the owner, a reflection of the pride that is visually demonstrated throughout the home. With the busy and hectic lives that we all lead, there are times when cleaning of the home is not always completed on the schedule that we previously set. Such mundane tasks as taking out the garbage are completed on a daily basis while other areas that require attention, such as window cleaning, are forever placed in our sub-conscious and often forgotten.

Visual Effects

Often referred to as "curb appeal", the visual exterior of a home projects a clear image of a particular homeowner. A neat and tidy garden is a representation of the character of a homeowner and a message to all that pass by. With the construction of new homes taking dramatic and bold changes over homes built in prior years, the homes of today represent a more gothic look with bold and rising columns and arched windows. Windows, some with etched glass, add elegance and visual effects to the home, transferring an average home into a showplace seemingly overnight.

Reflections of you

Cleaning of the exterior glass of a home is as important if not more important that cutting the lawn on a regular basis. Dirty glass, even on the most expensive homes detracts from the appearance of the home and decreases value. With little effort and the assistance of a few family members or friends the cleaning of the exterior glass of a home will reflect new light on you and the home as well.

Available Products

Currently, there are many available products at local home improvement and hardware stores that can aid in the cleaning of the exterior glass of your home. Recently introduced chemicals that are not harmful to the environment, in conjunction with attachments to a common everyday garden hose will make the cleaning of your windows both enjoyable and affordable. For those homes with multiple levels, a professional domestic window cleaning service is advised. These professionals are available on a contract basis or a one- time cleaning fee. It is up to the individual homeowner to decide which service and method of payment best fits into their particular budget.