Commercial Window Cleaning

Since commercial structures with more than two floors were introduced in the early 1800's, the need for additional maintenance increased dramatically. Window cleaning on a second floor was not an easy task to perform and so commercial window cleaning companies were introduced. As available land for construction decreased, more and more buildings began to increase in height in order to make the most of the space. Commercial window cleaning companies are now very common in most big cities and towns.

Commercial Window Cleaning

New Business Ventures Created

With construction of commercial spaces increasing at an alarming rate throughout the mid to late 1900's, new employment positions were created that dealt directly with the ever growing popularity of these towering structures. Although opaque in design and appearance, windows were gaining not only in popularity but in technology as well. With the design of some of the more elegant hotels in the late 1900's it was an essential part business to maintain visual appearance at all times including the cleaning of all exterior windows.

Those individuals that possessed the hindsight to see the need for commercial window cleaners took full advantage of this growing need resulting in the birth of a new venture, a venture that was not only dangerous but lucrative.

Hazardous Conditions

Commercial window cleaners of yesteryears were a hardy and rugged bunch. Often they hung precariously from make shift ladders or ineffective single strand ropes, comprised from materials that were less than effective, resulting in falls and deaths. As the structures grew to alarming heights seemingly overnight, new and creative ideas were invented to meet this need. Scaffolding comprised of a series of braces and walking planks were introduced. These often took time to erect had limited or no mobility although were used for many years due to the lack of other more advanced means of commercial exterior window cleaning. These too were hazardous to erect and often resulted in collapses, falls from great heights and death.

Reaching New Heights

The modern skyscraper of today now reaches heights that were once thought to be unattainable. These giants of advanced construction technology now span the skylines of modern day communities soaring into the sky to astronomical heights. The modern day commercial window cleaner is now equipped with the latest in technology to accommodate these ever soaring giants. Equipped with especially designed and engineered platforms that are lowered from rooftops, these special breed of individuals hang, thousands of feet above street level seemingly incoherent to the dangers that are forever present with every move yet perform their work with precision and accuracy.

Increasing Need

As commercial structures continue to soar into the sky, the need for commercial window cleaning will increase. Throughout most large metropolitan communities, there are many companies that specialise in commercial window cleaning. The companies and individuals possess many years of experience and knowledge and are dedicated to providing the best quality of service at a reasonable price. It is up to the consumer to decide which company best suits their individual needs for this service. With careful planning, researching and requesting recommendations, the appropriate company can be found.