Abseiling Window Cleaning

Fully trained abseiling cleaning teams

When it comes to regular, domestic window cleaning, the methods that concern the ability to reach high places are usually divided into two kinds: extension tools such as telescopic poles or water fed poles, and the use of ladders.

Abseiling Window Cleaning

Multi-story buildings may require a different approach in the form of abseiling window cleaning. This method involves a cleaner or a team of cleaners that are able to reach windows from the tallest of buildings by operating with various access equipments. Due to the nature of this job and the risks involved, professional window cleaning workers need to secure themselves through the use of harnesses which prevent them from loosing their balance or their grip. In addition to this, some abseiling window cleaning workers prefer to use platforms that allow them to work in teams while walking around freely in order to cover a larger side of the building. This approach requires the use of safety harnesses nonetheless, which is part of the strict working rules and regulations regarding the safety of the workers belonging to the abseiling window cleaning company.

Safety issues when performing abseiling window cleaning

It is certainly clear by now that there is more to abseiling window cleaning than just performing a routine cleaning job. Aside from performing this task in a highly professional way, safety is an equally important priority, a notion that needs to be thoughtfully looked into whenever you decide to use the services of an abseiling window cleaning company. In order to evaluate the importance of this aspect from the window cleaning company's point of view, you need to find out the company's reputation, accreditations and policies.

Quality Control: ISO 9001

Any abseiling window cleaning provider displaying the logo of this internationally recognised working standard for businesses can be trusted to provide excellent customer service along with the tendency of ongoing work efficiency improvement. A quality and professional business will have a label belonging to any ISO 9001 company.

IRATA: providing access for areas which would be otherwise impossible to reach

Any window cleaning company associated with IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trained Association) is a company whose employers are adequately trained rope access operating workers, skilled in reaching apparently impossible to reach areas, therefore ensuring a 100% cleaning effectiveness regardless of the windows locations on a particular building.

British Institute of Cleaning Science

High cleaning standards are a stamp of any window cleaning company member of this renowned institute. Being associated with the British Institute of Cleaning Science shows dedication and commitment to maintaining a certain level of professionalism and safety, imperative rules that this membership strongly dictates.

In conclusion, customers should always check the standards of any abseiling window cleaning company that they're thinking of hiring. A good reputation is a must-have whenever you are willing to hand down tasks to commercial cleaning operatives. Asking questions related to this aspect should be happily received by company employees. If not, their professionalism should be seriously doubted.